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Laser Hair Removal Brentwood

Removing unwanted hair is time-consuming and annoying. Shaving, plucking, waxing and hair removal creams aren’t really a great solution in this day and age and do not give you long lasting results.

Laser hair removal, on the other hand, does!

Moon Aesthetics use a smart diode machine which is rated number 1 in the world for safety and results. It precisely targets multiple hairs by the smart use of hair pigment. This means the surrounding skin remains unaffected by the technology and only the unruly hairs are zapped away.

Is laser hair removal good?

After one session, you can expect to see a reduction of up to 20%.

Once you have several more in the bag you could see a decrease in hair of up to an amazing 90%.

It’s also painless, easy, and permanent.

So, yeah, it’s good.

Laser hair removal for client in Brentwood

Laser hair removal specialists in Brentwood

Moon Aesthetics are proud to say that we have a reputation for being the number one beauty salon in Brentwood. We have a huge list of happy clients that just doesn’t stop growing.

We’re loved for the care and attention we show our customers, the passion we hold for our products and services and how we make sure everyone leaves our clinic feeling like the most beautiful version of themselves!

Moon Aesthetics offer clients a huge range of services from profhilo, lash extensions and botox, to lip fillers, brow treatments and microblading.

Our beauty specialists are fully qualified and highly experienced in laser hair removal treatments all over the body.

There’s no need to worry if you’ve never had laser hair removal before; we can talk you through the process, discuss expectations and help you achieve your dream of irresistibly smooth, blemish-free skin.

Is laser hair removal worth it?

Yes, it’s great! Everyone knows that lasers are cool, well not literally, they’re actually mad hot but that’s besides the point.

Ask yourself this -- “do I want the same technology that reads barcodes, fixes dodgy eyeballs and eradicates intergalactic warlords in my body?” If the answer is a resounding “Yes!” then you’ve come to the right place.

How many times have you looked at a laser and thought “I bet that would do a number on my armpit hair”. Well guess what? Your astute observation was correct. Laser hair removal gets rid of hair here, there and everywhere -- leaving your previously overgrown armpit forest looking like a freshly cultivated bowls green that’s been used for the regional tournaments and has been described by the local paper as “pleasant and unassuming”.

Laser hair removal offers results like nothing else. With a long list of benefits and a wide area of coverage, it’s a suitable treatment for most people and areas of the body.

Four great things about laser hair removal:

How does laser hair removal work?

Well, it uses lasers of course, but what those lasers do is use the pigment (colour) in the hair as a sort of road to take a jolly old trip all the way down to the follicle and then evict it in the fatest, safest and most polite way possible.

As lasers like to use colour as means of travel, you should expect better results if you have darkish hair of medium to thick density.

It won’t work on white hair, unfortunately. But then again, white hair is basically invisible anyway.

Because human hair goes through four different growth stages (anagen, catagen, telogen and exogen) it’s important to have more than one treatment as the hairs can only be removed when they are in the correct stage and they will all be in different stages at any one time (they really are cantankerous aren’t they?).

When we say “more than one” we mean 6-8 to be precise. This will ensure that all hair in the target area is removed successfully.

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Leg hair removal by laser in Brentwood

Why choose Moon Aesthetics for laser hair removal in Brentwood?

Moon Aesthetics are friendly, qualified and professional laser hair removal specialists in Brentwood. We take the time to get to know you and what you’re looking to achieve and then offer an attentive and effective beauty treatment.

Using only the very best equipment and beauty methods in our purpose-built salon, you can be sure you’ll feel welcomed when you turn up, comfortable whilst you’re here and glowing by the time you leave.

Contact Moon Aesthetics today to talk to us about our laser hair removal and how we can help you live a hair-free carefree life!

Moon Aesthetics are experts in Laser Hair Removal in Essex, with hair removal services available all throughout, these areas include; Southend, Leigh-on-Sea, Westcliff, Shoebury, Rayleigh, Benfleet, Brentwood, Eastwood, Hockley, Chalkwell, Hadleigh, Thundersley, Canvey Island, Thorpe Bay, Southchurch, Wakering, Hullbridge, Pitsea, Basildon & more.

FAQ (Frequently asked questions about laser hair removal)

Don’t fret if you have some questions -- that’s natural! After all, when it comes to how technology that has previously only been seen in sci-fi films works to safely remove unwanted hair, a modicum of curiosity at the very least, is healthy.

Is the treatment suitable for me?

In general, laser hair surgery is suitable for most people. If you dark hair of medium or thick density you will see better results than those with fairer hair. This is because…yeah, you guessed it, the laser uses colour. We said that didn’t we?

Other factors will determine your suitability for the procedure, such as the usage of some medication and your skin type. Before booking in for laser hair removal, we can offer a consultation over the phone to learn more about you and advise on your suitability.

Do I need to prepare for the treatment?

You do need to prepare, yeah, but when we say prepare it’s not like how you had to prepare for your GCSE science test, staying up until the small hours of the night before frantically cramming as many confusing acronyms into your head as possible. No way. Just need to have a shave to be honest -- super easy!

You’re going to need to do this at least 24 hours before the treatment and we’d say go for the old school blade and plastic options rather than the ones that buzz and use that newfangled “electricity”. Why? Because the manual ones cut the hair closer to the skin.

We know we said, “you’ll never have to shave again”, but that comes after the treatment. This will be your last shave ever so make it count and feel free to document the historic moment in whatever way feels right to you - polaroid snap to go on the fridge, Instagram post, maybe just a quiet moment of solitary reflection (tears are optional but they can act as a salve for any accidental cuts)

It is a strict “shave only” policy. Please do not wax, pluck or tweeze the area beforehand - I mean, we can’t get rid of a follicle that’s already gone!

The surface of the skin must also be free from makeup, fake tanning products, lotion, suncream and deodorant. This is because the laser is a heat source and targets pigment; we don’t want you getting burnt.

We’d also strongly suggest not letting the target area be exposed to heavy sun four weeks prior to treatment.

Does laser hair removal hurt?

In short, no. All you will feel is your problem hairs evaporating with your worries and your strife. That’s why some people call IPL treatment one of the hair necessities of life.

How does it feel after the treatment?

Fine babes, like, literally feels no different to be fair. Will want to stay away from the gym, saunas and very hot showers immediately after though 100%!. This is because the heat stays in your skin for 24 hours, and anything that will raise your temperature further can promote an environment for bacteria and spots to form -- that gets a big “NO” from me.

Does the hair need to be long before I can have laser hair removal?

It needs to be shaved but not long.

How long? If you can plait it -- too long. If, when you gently brush your hand over the surface and close your eyes, it feels as though you could be caressing a baby hedgehog -- you’ve nailed it.

Where can laser hair removal be done?

Laser hair removal can be done anywhere on the body -- even the sensitive parts.

Common areas for treatment are:

  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Underarms
  • Bikini line
  • Chin & jawline
  • Sideburns

What sort of results can I expect from laser hair removal?

One session can give a hair reduction of up to 20%, but due to the hairs in the area being in different stages of the hair growth cycle, we would recommend at least 6-8 to get that coveted 90% reduction rate.

Can men get laser hair removal?

Absolutely! If you have hair, we can remove it.