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Essex Lashes

Eyelash extensions instantly boost the look and feel of your natural lashes well beyond anything that strip lashes can offer. They create a beautiful fan of luxurious darkness to accentuate the glow of your eyes giving a sense of beauty, youth and allure.

Moon Aesthetics is a beauty salon based in Essex renowned for offering only the very best in beauty treatments, and our semi-permanent eyelash extensions are no exception. Whether it's classic lashes, Russian volume lashes or hybrid lashes every treatment will transform your eyelashes giving you stunning and long-lasting radiance. We use the very best mink lashes for their soft texture, deep colour and natural appearance.

How long do lash extensions last?

In general, all lash extensions, whether they be classic, Russian or hybrid, will last around 6 weeks. This is because they are attached to your actual eyelashes and their natural growth/loss cycle is usually around this length of time.

That being said, you can get more life out of your lash extensions by following these tips:

Comb them

It can be a little tricky to comb your lashes but you'll thank yourself in the long run if you can remember to do it regularly and thoroughly. Combing your lashes will prevent them from tangling or crisscrossing and keep the volumnity. Complement this with eyelash conditioner for the most glamorous result.

Try to leave them alone

As highlighted in the point above, the only time you should be touching your eyelash extensions is to comb them. As tempting as it may be to try and control a rogue lash with your fingertip and try to coerce it back into shape, it could result in the loss of the extension and the natural lash along with it.

russian eyelash extensions essex
semi permanent eyelash extensions essex
Sleep on your back

The benefits of this one are pretty obvious when you think about it. We know you can't always control how you sleep, but if you can avoid sleeping on your face - do!

Don't use mascara

You can put mascara on lash extensions that doesn't mean you should. The extensions you have are already adding so much to your eyes that going one step further is more likely to yield detrimental results rather than beneficial ones. Plus, you increase the risk of lash loss when you try to clean it off; which brings us nicely to our next tip.

Do use oil-free makeup remover

When you've got our high-quality lash extensions in, the harsh & acidic chemicals that are commonly found in makeup removers will do them no favours. Instead, opt for a gentler, low-alkaline & oil-free makeup remover. This is a good tip in general, we think - be kind to your skin & it will be kind to you.

Avoid water and steam in the first few days

Although it's the last thing we've mentioned, this pointer ranks very highly in our preservation suggestions. Allowing at least 48 hours between having your extensions applied and contact with water, steam or moisture will allow for the glue to set fully.

russian lashes in essex
high quality essex lashes

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Moon Aesthetics has built a reputation for being the number one option for all of your beauty and cosmetic treatments. We pride ourselves on our attentive, friendly service coupled with our passion and industry-recognised qualifications.

Call our salon in Essex today to get started with a patch test, enquire about the other services we offer or get yourself booked in for your next eyelash appointment with Moon Aesthetics.

Frequently asked questions

How to remove lash extensions

To remove your lash extensions you can basically invert all of our above tips for preservation.

Using steam, hot water and an oil-based makeup remover will break down the glue allowing for easy removal.

How long do lash extensions take?

You can expect a full set of extension lashes to take a minimum of two hours. It's a delicate process that requires precision and focus. As your eyes will be closed, many of our customers enjoy spending the treatment time as an opportunity to relax - you may even fall asleep for an hour or two!

How to clean lash extensions

Micellar water and foaming cleanser are always good options for keeping your eyelash extensions clean and healthy. Just remember not to be too heavy-handed when giving your lashes a spruce.

Can you put mascara on lash extensions?

You can, but we'd advise against it as the results are rarely favourable. If you do, then it's better on classics than Russians as that added volume could cause clumping and tangling. But really, our extensions look amazing just the way they are.

Can you wear eyeliner with lash extensions?

You can wear eyeliner with lash extensions, just be careful when applying it. As with all things relating to lash extensions - avoid anything oil-based as this will break down the glue. Liquid-based alternatives will be ok, as will shadow-based liners.

Professional Eyelashes near you in Essex

Moon Aesthetics provide Eyelash Extensions in Essex, also covering local areas including; Leigh-on-Sea, Southend-on-Sea, Westcliff, Shoebury, Rayleigh, Benfleet, Eastwood, Hockley, Chalkwell, Hadleigh, Thundersley, Canvey Island, Thorpe Bay, Southchurch, Wakering, Hullbridge, Pitsea, Basildon & more.