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Botox Courses London

Do you want to launch a career in aesthetics medicine? Or do you want to gain more expertise in your aesthetics career?

With the right training from professional experts, you can kickstart your career. There are many Botox training courses in London, but picking the right one is essential to your success. After that, all you need is determination and the willingness to commit to the courses.

Botox Courses London

Professional courses by Moon Aesthetics

You can kickstart your career by taking aesthetic training courses at Moon Aesthetics.

Moon Aesthetics is an accredited clinic specialising in diverse beauty treatments to meet customers' desires. The best part is that your tutors are trained professionals and experienced trainers in aesthetic medicine. There’s also the option of taking one of our cosmetic courses directly from the CEO.

Course info

Botox is one of the most commonly requested treatments in facial aesthetics, so gaining relevant skills is vital in your career. The Botox training course will teach you all about these treatments in your aesthetic practice. It covers the foundation and empowers you with the necessary knowledge and skills to properly and safely carry out the procedure.

Our foundation Botox courses in London cover the following:

  • Botox for upper face: this includes forehead treatment, glabella treatment and crow’s feet. These areas tend to have permanent lines, so they are the most common areas for Botox treatment.
  • Botox for lower face: Fillers are often obtained to remove creases around the nose (nasolabial folds), to eliminate lines around the mouth (marionette lines) and to give patients a fuller look in their lips.

We also offer a combined course for anyone interested in more than just Botox and want to also complete a dermal filler training course.

Fast track to aesthetics

This is a 4-day medical aesthetics training for a career in facial aesthetics.

The training includes:

  • Up to 10 accredited courses
  • Ongoing support after training
  • Live models throughout the training period
  • Dermal filler courses
  • Ultimate Botox brow lift
  • Smiles lines
  • Lip filler and marionette lines
  • Jawline and cheeks
  • Micro-needling
  • Vitamin B12 and C vitamins
  • Level 3 anatomy and physiology
  • Non-surgical rhinoplasty
  • Health and Safety
  • Danger zones
  • Injection techniques
  • Aspirations
  • Migrations
  • In-depth training

Frequently ask questions

How long is the course?

The training days are dependent on the cosmetic course chosen. The fast track to aesthetics training which consists of up to 10 different courses, lasts four days. Other courses range from 1 to 2 days as well.

Where is the training course?

All training is carried out in our Essex-based clinic which is less than an hour away from Central London.

Entry requirements

There are no entry requirements. Anyone can enrol in our popular Botox training courses London; whether medic or non-medic. All our courses are practical training, perfect for beginners to learn easily.


On finishing the training, you will receive a certification in CPD and be able to provide this service to clients.

Payment & Deposit

Moon Aesthetics offer the best prices for all of its courses. Finance options are available so you can work out a convenient payment plan. Prices vary with the course or option you select. To know the exact price for your training course, contact us today.

Lip filler training London

Botox training courses in London

Kickstart your career in medical aesthetics and take up one of our Botox courses London. Trust Moon Aesthetics to give you the guidance you need in your career. We have a foundation course for beginners as well as advanced courses for people already in the medical aesthetics industry.

Our trainers are fully qualified aesthetic practitioners in Botox and other beauty treatment areas. For more enquiries about the cost of our Botox training course London or for any of our London courses, contact us today.

Moon Aesthetics training objectives

Moon Aesthetics is an all-encompassing clinic in London with a team of aesthetic practitioners and expert trainers that aims to equip its students with comprehensive knowledge about the field of aesthetics medicine.

What you will learn

You stand to learn the following from our award-winning courses in the UK

Health and safety:

Attending to the beauty needs of people requires the utmost attention to safety practices. Your training here will enlighten you on applying first aid in emergencies, all you need to know about allergic reactions and maintaining hygienic processes when dealing with patients' skin.


Most beauty treatments like Botox and dermal fillers require a puncture of the skin. Using a numbing agent makes the experience more comfortable. Our expert trainers will guide you on the right numbing agent to use during any procedure.

Anatomy and Physiology of the face:

The course will teach the foundation about facial anatomy; about the muscles and nerves found there.

Theory of Hyaluronic acid:

How hyaluronic acid acts on the skin and how to use it for skin rejuvenation.


Learn the right skills for foundational and advanced techniques, from dermal fillers to Botox and micro-needling.

How to conduct consultation:

We don’t teach about the procedures alone; we also guide trainees on how to run a business and consult with prospective clients in your practice.

Potential earnings:

Know what a facial aesthetician earns and manage your expectations as a business owner.


You’d get to practice all you learn from our Botox and filler courses on real patients and model patients.


Learn how to care for the site of treatment administration.

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